Thursday, November 29, 2007

Millie Portraits

On Tuesday evening I met Mariah and her daughter Millie at the beach for a portrait session.

Cresting Crown Valley just before PCH, I could see the most brilliant view of the sea that I had witnessed in a long time.

The prevailing winds were blowing east to west and the view was pristine; Catalina Island seemed almost within reach, it was just so clearly visible.

I was wondering what Mariah was thinking as she drove the same road (other than, damn, I caught every red light) because she and her family are moving this weekend to Charlotte. I felt a twinge of guilt because it was almost like nature was taunting her because the view, and the weather which was such a Chamber of Commerce type of day.

This was the fourth time that I have photographed Millie. The first time was two years ago around this time and Millie was a very reserved 9 month old little girl. I then photographed her first year birthday party, then last year's portraits for the holidays, recently documented one of her dance classes at the Ladera Ranch Dance Academy and now this year's portraits. I've been a witness to how she's grown in such a short time. She's still shy and a bit on the quiet side, but she's much more talkative than I remember even just a couple of months ago.

So as sad as I'm sure Mariah and Philip are for having to leave this great place, I'll be sad as well.

I'll miss the entire family and hope to continue documenting them when they come back to visit or even on an east coast portrait session. I'd love to continue to record her life with a camera.

Back to Tuesday, we were treated to probably the most amazing light that I've seen since coming to CA over five years ago. This week has been exceptional in that regard and Tuesday it was one of those evenings that just kept getting better and better as the sun dropped and the clouds were lit on fire.

I'm so glad that this portrait session with such incredible light was for one of my favorite little subjects.

Kate & Father Christm...oops Santa Claus

Yesterday Nicki had to sit with Kate at the Shops at Mission Viejo in order to get some semblance of a nice photo with Santa. We went to the mall with Nicole and Jeff and Marlee, Kate's best friend.

It was almost a recreation of last year's infamous photo of Kate crying on Santa's lap when we tried it this year. We still have another chance on Sunday.

Perhaps next year will be the year when she realizes that this is the guy that brings her presents so she better be nice.

Taylor & Tamara's Family & Extended Family | Newport Coast

Last Saturday I photographed Taylor and Tamara's family in the evening in Newport. Talk about a great day.

First it was Tamara's birthday and she had her parents and siblings and their families in from out of town, plus Taylor's brother and his family as well as close friends gathered at the home for a party, before the photo shoot.

Then it was off to our session in a park right near their home and the light could not have been better. These are just a handful of the numerous images that I loved from the day.

Thanks you guys, it was a pleasure meeting all of you!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ella's First Birthday

Peter and Karine commissioned me to photograph little Ella's first birthday party, held this past Saturday at Los Coyotes in Buena Park.

The San Francisco couple had friends and family from all over the state and as far away as New York to help Ella celebrate. It was a fantastic event, beautifully decorated and planned with traditional Korean dress and birthday customs. I had a great time.

Karine was an attendant at Jane and Eddie's wedding in October, as well.

Thank you for asking me to document the day!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A few images of Kate and Nicki

Just got some scans back from the lab from some film images. Here are just a couple images posted between editing, and preparing images for clients.

It's been a great time--very busy with portrait shoots, processing some weddings and designing cards.

Thanks, in advance, to my clients for their patience.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Wilkinson Family | Dana Point, CA

Last Sunday we somehow dodged the rain that fell in Northern California and San Diego, which allowed me to photograph the Wilkinson family down in Dana Point, CA.

The overcast skies created some drama and the light was superb. Thanks you guys!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A warm Wednesday evening in Ladera

Last night Nicki, Kate and I took a little break in the front yard around sunset.

The day had been close to 90 (rare even for California, especially in November), so it felt more like a July evening. Yet the trees had the distinctive outline of an approaching winter.

Kate was full of beans and was running around with a blanket, and hanging on the fence, or playing with Nicki's hair. I was reminded of the movie E.T. while watching the scene that is the last image.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ladera Ranch Dance Academy

The folks at LRDA got their new sign recently, so I was commissioned to photograph for them, as well as some more action of students.