Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Kate's been sick all night with that nasty flug bug making the rounds in orange county...Nicki has been taking such good care of her...sorry I am not there to help her out...but will be back tomorrow...

No surfing contest today at Pipeline Masters...the waves are flat...did see a beautiful rainbow just after sunrise this morning...but alas, no more surfing action for me on this trip....back home to CA tomorrow...

ETA: Well after posting some of the Canon guys wanted to head into the water, so I went with them for a couple hours and photographed one of the Oahu North shore was a fairly far break though so thankfully I was using the 600 f4 lens and a 2x extender on the mark 3 and while it brought me there it was still a bit underlensed. Plus the waves were still pretty flat and I still had a good time being out there shooting some sports action.

The evening presentation went well in Honolulu, a very receptive crowd and the cap to a great trip to Hawaii.


Anonymous Greg Edwards said...

Aloha Paul -
Meet you briefly at the YWCA talk on Wed. in Honolulu (and later at Todai restaurant). Rachel and I really enjoyed your talk, especially your points on image selection (the "yes" photos..) and prime lens use at weddings.
Personally, I really enjoyed your own personal work you shared with the group. Beautiful images...

Sorry to hear Kate isn't feeling well...I'm sure she feels better with Dad home!

Take care and hope you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii!

Greg Edwards

12:18 PM  
Blogger Paul Gero said...


Nice to meet you and Rachel, as well.

Looking forward to meeting up with you again and thanks for taking the time out of your night to visit!


11:02 PM  

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