Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Custom DVD cases

Just wanted to share how I've been delivering custom DVD slideshows and the high resolution digital files to my wedding clients.

Each DVD case is custom designed and printed in studio and creates an extra special home for your wedding images or slideshow.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kate in the Swing

This afternoon we took a little walk around Ladera and took Kate to this little playground in the midst of an Oak Knoll neighborhood.

We found this little park on Friday when taking a long, late afternoon stroll along the trail and then through the neighborhood not too far from our house. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera on me and the light was absolutely amazing, so I knew the next time we were going for a walk and then to the swings, the camera was coming with me.

There are a couple of bucket swings that are perfect for little ones like Kate and she absolutely loves getting a ride in the swing. Plus there's a rocking horse, that might be just a touch big for her, and a slide that she'll be able to go down herself soon, we think. For now, she still took great delight in Mom's help to go down the slide.

Custom Holiday Card

I wanted to share a custom holiday card designed from images shot last weekend of Noah and Ben. (The image on the far left is the front of the card, the middle spread is in the center, and the back of the card is at far right).

It was such a fun session as Ben was having a great time running around the swingsets, slides in Ladera; Noah was feeling a bit under the weather with a slight cold, but he got into the swing of it as well and was crawling around and starting to walk with Mom's help.

Thanks Jenny & Dave!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

She's Walking!

Guess Who's Walking?

Walking a bit like a cast member from the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video circa 1982, Kate is now up to about 12 steps across the floor, much to her own delight (and parents too!).

She took her actual first steps about two weekends ago, when I was in Florida for Jen & Chuck's wedding. Ironically she was walking just about the time Jen was dancing with her Dad, Mike.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kate's First Halloween!

Not one, but two costumes for this little one!

Sunday, she was dressed as a ladybug for the Babies Club 2006 Halloween party. Yesterday, on the actual day, Kate was dressed up in a leopard outfit that was given to us by our friend Sherrie who gave us this costume right after Kate was born...she's a mom and she was already thinking ahead!