Thursday, November 15, 2007

A warm Wednesday evening in Ladera

Last night Nicki, Kate and I took a little break in the front yard around sunset.

The day had been close to 90 (rare even for California, especially in November), so it felt more like a July evening. Yet the trees had the distinctive outline of an approaching winter.

Kate was full of beans and was running around with a blanket, and hanging on the fence, or playing with Nicki's hair. I was reminded of the movie E.T. while watching the scene that is the last image.


Blogger Million Dollar Mary said...

omg....before i even read your comment i thought EXACTLY the same thing about the last picture....when E.T. was coming out of the shed the first time he met Elliott and was following the reese's pieces...especially the lighting made me think that...and then of course when elliott put the blanket over e.t. to hide him....

i guess great minds think alike. hope you're having a great day.

love ya lots,

10:53 AM  
Blogger AnneGero said...

Paul, Great shots of Kate - ET - and Nicki. You should let Nicki take some of you with Kate. I am sure we would all enjoy that.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Peggy Gero DaValt said...

Full of beans....yuppers...I see that mischievious look in her eyes.....

Very cute photo of Kate (ET) phone home.

Looks beautiful there.

You really do have the life there...including the white picket fence...very nice.

I was in MN this weekend with snow flurries...but while there I watched a couple episodes of Leave It To Beaver.....your photos are reminiscent of those by-gone days where people weren't in such a hurry...

Thanks for sharing.

Peggy :)

7:53 AM  

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