Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kate's New Do

Kate's shaggy locks have gotten so long that it almost looks like she's been sporting a mullet.

Nicki was able yesterday to get Kate's hair up in pigtails -- and she actually didn't pull off the bands!!

Here she is from yesterday inside the studio.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Kate on the couch and with lunch

I haven't posted for quite a few days...Kate enjoyed playing on the couch after Nicki had cleaned the cushion covers...and then she had some fun playing with the cord for the blinds (trying to stop that)...her hair is getting so long these days...and of course she doesn't like anything in her hair to hold it back...this one is strong willed!

Lunch the other day at Souplantation in Lake Forest -- we got together with Nicki's former PSB colleague Dennis and we had a great time catching up -- it's been almost three months since Nicki left full time employment outside the home.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Granny Moira with Kate from Friday

Kate dances with Granny Moira in the living room as the late afternoon light warms up the room.

It's now 4 PM PST and the family is enroute to Paris, after their 3 week trip to the States. Lots of tears at LAX today, so I wanted to post this photo as a happy memory...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Kate goes to Uncle Walt's!

Yesterday Nicki, Moira and I took Kate to Disneyland for her first adventure. I'm sure it will be the first of many. We were trying to figure out when we want to spring for the annual pass because with a little one, you can't be 25 miles from this place and NOT have the pass.

We met up with Nicki's brother Michael and Belinda, and the kids (who all adore Kate) and we spent the day together.

Kate loved the carousel (3 times she rode!) and also loved It's a Small World -- which was still decked out for the special holiday show. Amazing...we were trying to figure out how long it must take to change the show back from the holiday decorations to the regular. I have no idea.

When we took the ride it took us only 20 minutes of waiting -- when we came back after lunch the line was probably three times as long...

The only slight downer for me was that the line for Space Mountain was 65 minutes, so I decided I'll have to catch it at another time. The first time I rode it was in January of 2002 when we were visiting CA while we still lived in Phoenix. Since it was post holiday and post 9-11, the place was absolutely deserted -- especially compared to the crowds there yesterday. I think I got onto Space Mountain back then in about 5 minutes--no kidding...I can't wait to see how it is since it's been renovated -- it's still my favorite roller coaster/amusement park ride of all time.

It was a great day though and Kate came home for dinner, bath and then bed and we didn't hear a peep.