Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Vault | First trip to South Africa, 2001

With my girls in S. Africa until next Friday (it's been very quiet around the house), I've been thinking alot about that place lately.

This image was made on my very first trip to South Africa, back in January 2001, at a private game reserve called Tala, in Kwazulu-Natal, not far from Nicki's parent's home.

It's such an amazing country, full of history and the continent has a vibe like no other. And even though I am merely married to a South African, it feels very familiar to me. Perhaps it's because I have been following South Africa for decades and have been intrigued by the entire continent for as long as I can remember.

I started to gain even more appreciation for the continent, particularly sub-Saharan Africa by reading a book by David Lamb of the LA Times called The Africans. It's a book that was written following his stint as the Times' Nairobi bureau chief and his stories were exhilarating, funny, and sad, and sometimes all at the same time. It really captured the place in a way that wasn't too academic or political -- really from the street and you get such a sense of the people and characters he met in his journeys.

So I'm missing my girls -- only 9 days to go before they get back. I know they're having a great time visiting friends and family (leaving tomorrow from Cape Town back to Durban. They've been in CT since Sunday). So they'll be back to Durban, the friendly confines of 3 Leinster Place, and skype. Yeah!


Blogger shazz456 said...

I know St.Mary's, I actually spend most of my years in Hilton before moving to Durban when I was 14 and then left to travel after School as so many of us SA's did. My husband is also American but loves going back to South Africa, he especially loves it down in the Cape and is not too fond of Durban - his first trip out was to there. While when Nicki gets back I would love to chat with her, it would be interesting to see if we know the same people.
(Funny, my husbands name is also Paul)
I am sure you are just counting the sleeps before getting your girls back. I know my brother is doing the same back in South Africa because his wife and two girls are out here visiting and are leaving next weekend to fly back to SA.
Take care,

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