Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Arrived Safely!

Nicki and Kate arrived safely, though a bit worse for the wear.

Just saw them on laptop, via Skype....fantastic technology. Still having a few issues with them seeing me, me seeing them at the same time I'm sure we'll get it ironed out.

But still to see them at Moira and Tony's is a relief.

It was a tough trip...Kate's in a bit of a screaming phase and Nicki said the first seven hours of the trip from Atlanta to Africa were hell...and hour before they landed at Dakar for a crew change, plane security check, Kate fell asleep and actually slept through the whole commotion of security checking bags, under seats, lights on, the whole 9 yards...

Once airborne again for the last part of that trip, Kate woke up just as Nicki was about to fall asleep...fortunately Kate was able to enjoy a DVD (Baby Einstein--"tur-TULL") and then they fell asleep together for about four hours before landing in Johannesburg.

Then there was yet aNOTHER plane ride to Durban, thankfully only about an hour.

There Moira and Tony picked up the girls and now they're up the hill, outside of Durbs, safely ensconsced at 3 Leinster Place.

If you want to send Nicki and email at her Mom's, please send it to: moirak at storm dot co dot za (written this way to avoid having her email harvested by spammers).


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