Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kate and her friends at Disneyland

Nicki and Kate along with Nicole and Marlee, Julie and Mia and Allison and Jane all took advantage of the great weather and hit Disneyland yesterday for a full day.

It was incredibly quiet around here but where they were I'm sure it was not. There were laughs and giggles and a lot of fun for all of the kids.

They're all just about the same age so they're going through development stages at the same time (and the parents too -- all of us are first time parents).

We couldn't be luckier to have such good friends and good friends for Kate.

They all loved "It's a Small World"...what a surprise ;-)!


Blogger Bethani lynne said...

I enjoy the 1st one where they are all sitting on the boxes.

11:18 AM  
Blogger AnneGero said...

The colors are truly brilliant!! Looks as if all were having a wonderful time. I imagine they slept well that night!!

7:58 PM  

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