Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ben & Noah Portraits | June 2007

I just got a collection of film and scans back today from the lab -- it's like Christmas everytime that happens.

These are some images from a session that I did recently photographing Ben and Noah here in Ladera.

This was an all b & w film shoot and it was a trial run to see if I will add it to my kids portrait collections.

The verdict is in and I will indeed be offering these sessions.

Everytime I get the images back from the lab, I always fall in love with the look of film again, and today was no exception.

I think the images have a texture and a feeling that is unique and different from the look of digital images (not that one is necessarily "better" than the other...they are two different mediums, really).

It is also a different way of working, as well, which I find refreshing.

But no matter what the medium, I'm still trying to find great moments and capture memorable images.


Blogger Robert said...

Hey ... that last one has Paul Gero written all over it! Nice ...

... I haven't used film much but I'm seriously considering re-investing in some vinyl ... my iPod's getting old!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Kristina said...

they're perfect! I love these!


12:24 AM  

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