Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cat & Adi meet Kate

This Friday we had a lovely lunch with Cat and Adi from Next Exit Photography in West LA.

They were heading down to a gathering in San Diego and then a wedding on Saturday in Temeculah so they left a bit early to hang out with us.

It was the first time meeting them both in person, though I have spoken with Cat at length on the telephone.

We got to know of each other through the Digital Wedding Forum, a forum for photographers around the globe. Nicki and I have met many good friends through this site over the years.

It was great to meet Adi and spend some time speaking with him about the business, technology and his unique background.

They've recently renovated on their property as we have to create a studio space and it has done great things for their business not to mention the feeling of having a special space dedicated to the business.

We're looking forward to seeing them again and spending more time. Nicki and Cat bonded famously, which didn't surprise me. While Cat has been raised here in the States, she was born in Cape Town to S. African parents. There's something to be said for being raised by South Africans. And Adi relishes that as well...he's been to SA for a visit and knows what's magical about the place.


Blogger nextexitphotography said...

You guys are seriously the best! Adi and I had so much fun hanging out with you both. You are such real people. Paul, your photographic talent astounds me. You have a brilliant eye for “real moments.” And, you daughter is such a doll. I could have photographed her all day long! Stay tuned for photos…
I know that we will be friends for many years to come.
lots of love, cat and adi

9:25 PM  

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