Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mom Visits Kate

Mom was here in November and these are a couple of my favorite photos from the visit. We were trying to do a three generations photo in the front of the worked, okay...but this one of Mom and Kate was worth being outside.

Then, later in the day after sunset, Mom and Kate sit together on the couch as Baby Einstein is on the tv...This was there third time together in the past year, which is amazing to me. When I was young we had two weeks of vacation, and one week was dedicated to visiting Gradmom Schneider (Mom's Mom) and the other week was dedicated to visiting Nana (Dad's Mom)...add to it the four days of travel round trip from Wisconsion to Pennsylvania and NJ and it was a very compressed time line. So getting to really know my grandmothers was difficult. I was a bit jealous of my cousins in both places who really got to know my grandmothers, so I want to make sure that Kate doesn't feel that way -- as much as we possibly can.

Later this month, Nicki's family will all be visiting from South Africa. It's going to be a hectic holiday, I know, but I think it will be really a wonderful one, as well. It will really be a family birthday for her as well, later this month (one year--yikes!)

Kate will get to meet her cousins from S. Africa -- James, Patrick and Lizzy, as well as getting to reconnect with Moira (who she knew from birth through her first month). She'll meet Grandpa Tony for the first time as well as her Uncle Michael and Aunt Belinda from SA and wild Uncle Andy from London.


Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

I can relate to that feeling of missing out on something good and choosing something different for the next generation. We've been very blessed to have many, many visits from Granny in 4 short years. For my three, the other grandpa lives 5 miles away. Add to this the blessing of Mom's good health and willingness to travel by air and the relatively reasonable price of air travel. [I imagine the transcontinental grandparents have it much more difficult, but obviously doable.]

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