Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kate Eating and my first post on the Blog!

Kate has become quite a bit of a messy eater of late.

This evening, when Nicki was feeding Kate her baby food, she called me down to see the mess that Kate had become. After seeing it, of course, I ran upstairs to get my camera and find a clean compact flash card. This kid is already highly documented. Hoping it'll come in handy at the wedding day slideshow.

Getting her to laugh, we're able to see the two new teeth that popped through just last week. After those teeth came through, she immediately started feeling better--no fever though before, just a bit cranky -- and now she's doing well.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing Daddy DayCare as Nicki was back at work on those days. Next week we'll have a nanny on those three days for a few hours so I'm able to do some work between stopping in and giving Kate a hug.

I have to say it was a great week being around her. Sure she had her assorted meltdowns, but we are very fortunate that we have a happy and gentle little child. We want that to continue (like forever). I am really fortunate that I work from home and have flexibility so that I am able to really spend some quality time with Kate (as Nicki gets to in the evenings and on Thursday and Fridays).

This afternoon Nicki took Kate to the pool along with a couple of her friends from her work at PSB (all new Moms) and they all proceeded to tire out their children (Kate went down for the count tonight -- she was exhausted).

The morning marine layer (June Gloom) burned off before noon and it started to heat up, but it didn't seem quite as hot as yesterday. This weekend is supposed to be a cooker, but even when it's hot here, it pales in comparison to the heat of Phoenix. I do not miss that summer heat there. Plus our home faces west so we usually get this slightly chillly breeze that winds up the hill to our house from the ocean. It's pretty tough to take.

So this is my first official blog entry and of course it's about my daughter. I'll be updating frequently and sharing images of us as well as images from my photo assignments (assuming my clients don't mind).

My sister Ruth has been a very active blogger for almost two years now, I think. She tries to post something -- even a brief paragraph -- every day and the result is that we really get a glimpse into her family life in North Carolina.


Blogger Million Dollar Mary said...

trust me...i'll tune in every day!! I was just thinking to myself, "Maybe I ought to do one of those blog thingees." What a great way to build a diary for your children to look back on...

Keep writing..

Love ya much,

10:29 PM  
Blogger Ruth Anne Adams said...

Welcome to my world. In my email account, I already have a folder called "Kate Pictures" because they're all so precious and I want to keep them forever.

Now....we just have to set up your SiteMeter and Blogroll. Those are also quite addictive.

3:53 AM  

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